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Your Consultation Is Free

At our Suffolk County criminal defense law firm, we charge a "flat fee" for legal services. With a flat fee, you know up front exactly what it will cost to retain the services of a skilled criminal lawyer in Suffolk County. When you call, your initial consultation is free of charge. The consultation will provide us an opportunity to explore the issues involved in your case and the ability to customize a fee for services that fits your defense plan. In other words, the fee in each case is individualized to fit your needs. Not more, not less.


Once we quote you a fee, there are no further charges for things like phone calls or meetings or court appearances. Its all included in you legal fee. Additionally, you will always be represented by the same staff attorney throughout your case. From day one you will know the cost of an effective defense and, more importantly, you will know who will be providing that defense. No substitutions, no attorney surprises.

We also offer discounted fees if you pay in full before your first court date. We accept all form of payment including all major credit card and debit cards.

Finally, if you are a current or former member of our armed services, we provide a 10% discount on any legal fees. For any disabled veteran, the discount is 15%.